Anya Grundmann Named NPR’s VP of Programming and Audience Development


After serving in an interim capacity for six months, Anya Grundmann has been named permanently to the role of vp of programming and audience development. Grundmann will report jointly to Emma Carrasco, CMO and svp for audience development, and Michael Oreskes, editorial director and svp of news.

Grundmann’s dual reporting relationship reflects her dual role, tasked as she is with programming creation and acquisition as well as audience development and engagement. She has already seen through the development of the Hidden Brain and NPR Politics podcasts, season two of Invisibilia, and a promotional campaign for All Things Considered.

“[Grundmann] is ideally suited to develop a comprehensive content development strategy that guides the growth and direction of NPR programs for the next decade, taking into consideration changes in our nation’s demographics, audience behaviors and competitive media landscape,” said Carrasco in an announcement.

Grundmann’s relationship with NPR extends back to 1994, where she started, as have many NPR staffers, as an intern. More recently, she has been the executive director for NPR Music, a position that will now fold into Grundmann’s new role.