"Bed Intruder" YouTube Song Earns Antoine Dodson A House

When Alabama native Antoine Dodson went off in a news clip after chasing an intruder from his sister’s bedroom, do you think he had any idea that that clip would be his claim to instant fame and earn him enough money to buy his family a new house in just two months? When the news clip was made into a hugely popular song called the ‘Bed Intruder Song’, which even went so far as to make the Billboard Hot 100, Antoine and his family reaped the benefits and are now living large, according to an Us Magazine interview with Dodson.

Antoine Dodson and his sister have earned a whopping fifty percent of all the profits made from online sales of the Gregory Brother’s ‘Bed Intruder Song’. The song hit the Top 50 iTunes list in terms of sales so you can only imagine how much money the family must have made. Dodson told Us, “We made enough to move and get a house.” In addition to the house, Dodson plans to use the money to go back to school and move forward with his life. He says, “I signed up to finish my Associate’s Degree in business. That way I can take everything to the next level and be on a more professional level.” His ultimate goal is to open either a salon or a hotel.

Dodson talked about his sudden fame with Us as well saying, “I still can’t believe this. Even though my life is moving forward, it’s at a standstill in my mind. I’m like, ‘Wow! All of this is happening just off a news interview!'”

The Dodson’s really lucked out with this one, but it still brings up some interesting questions in my mind. I mean, after all, the reason Antoine Dodson was on the news in the first place was that an intruder came into his family’s home and attempted to rape his sister. In that light, something about the family’s newfound fame seems a little bit bitter sweet to me. But at least they’re getting out of that house.

In any case, I think it’s extremely cool that a single YouTube clip that went randomly viral was able not only to bring fame to the Dodsons, but also buy them a new house! Either houses are really cheap in Alabama, or YouTube is one powerful force! What do you think?