Launches to Guide Users to WikiLeaks Mirror Sites

Looking for a WikiLeaks mirror site since was shut down? can now guide the way with its launch of, which directs users to the best WikiLeaks mirror site in their area. founder Eric Garris said:

Since the shutdown of the main site,, thousands of mirror sites have been established to maintain access to the important documents that WikiLeaks has made available. However, each mirror is run separately, and may not always be accessible or up-to-date. This sporadic availability forces users to click on multiple mirror links until they find one that is current. Our new site,, solves all of that by eliminating the guesswork.

As the U.S. government continues to escalate its efforts to shut down WikiLeaks in spite of the fact that it has been unable to identify any actual laws that may have been broken by the organization, such efforts will continue to be thwarted by WikiLeaks supporters who value it as an important journalistic resource.

WikiLeaks is presenting an important service to the public by revealing the damning truth behind the U.S. government’s foreign policies. It is essential to keep this information flowing and available to Americans and the rest of the world.

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