Just 3.8% Of Fortune 500 CEOs Use Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week we reported on a new study that revealed that 70 percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have no presence whatsoever on social networks.

When you break it down, LinkedIn fairs the best of the major social channels, with 25.9 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs active on that platform, beating Facebook into second place (7.6 percent). Less than one in twenty-five (3.8 percent) use Twitter.

And that’s ‘use’ in its lowest possible sense – only nine Fortune 500 CEOs have tweeted at least once in the past 100 days.

This infographic from CEO.com takes a closer look at a very anti-social group of chief executives.

And if your boss is too busy for Twitter, here’s how to put them on the right path.

(Source: CEO.com. Confused CEO image via Shutterstock.)