7 Anti-Valentine’s Day Videos To Help You Not Celebrate Cupid’s Lame Holiday

I have a theory about Valentine's Day - it basically stinks for everyone. And so, for those of you who share this anti-Valentine's Day mentality, here are seven videos to help you not celebrate V-Day. Love stinks!

I have a theory about Valentine’s Day – it basically stinks for everyone. If you’re single then you’re meant to feel bad about it and if you’re in a relationship then you feel forced to buy cards and presents and go out for an expensive date night so your significant other knows just how much you love them. Thanks a lot Hallmark, right? And so, for those of you who share this anti-Valentine’s Day mentality, here are seven videos to help you not celebrate V-Day. Love stinks!

SCADshorts: Love Hurts

When Cupid shoots his arrow in this video it becomes clear just how much love hurts. Ouch.

Cee Lo Green – F*** YOU

Cee Lo Green’s F*** YOU, released over the summer, is a perfect anthem for all those anti-Valentine’s Day people out there. It’s all about the frustrations of love, relationships that didn’t work out for lame reasons and, of course, if you sing along you’ll feel a lot better about Valentine’s Day after shouting “F*** You!” a few times.

Tales Of Mere Existence: How To Break Up

Woah is me. This animation goes through a relationship from the lovely beginnings to the arguments, the initial breakup, the get-back-together, the return of the arguments and ultimate downfall. With all that, who needs relationships, right?

J. Geils Band – Love Stinks

No Anti-Valentine’s Day video collection would be complete without J. Geils Band’s ‘Love Stinks!’ And the Adam Sandler version from The Wedding Singer is even better, cause he sings it after totally having his heart broken. Yeah!

We’re Through: The Breakup Song

This song was inspired by the Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’, which is a great love song. This song, on the other hand, is not.

Valentine’s Day Is Stupid [When You’re Single]

Here’s a great song about how Valentine’s Day is stupid when you’re single. I’d say it’s pretty stupid when you’re in a relationship as well, but to each his own.

Pomplamoose – Single Ladies

And lets end this list with a shout out to all the single ladies out there! Single ladies generally hate Valentine’s Day most of all. Let this song remind you just how slammin’ you are.

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