Anti-Spec Target, Pixish, Set to Shut Down

Interesting bit of online news, as it was just recently announced that founder Derek Powazek has decided to pull the plug on one of his most recent online endeavors, Pixish. You might remember when the site launched back in February of this year and created something of a controversy, often linked to all the negatives of spec work (e.g. doing the work without a contract and only hoping for money in return). In Powazek’s post, announcing the closure, he says his decision came from a number of directions, from personal reasons to launching too quickly to even explaining that they “underestimated the ‘spec work’ issue.” And his reporting that the site, which was built to hopefully launch a kind of community, only reached a top user base of 5,000, seems to show that the “no spec” crowd struck hard, struck early, and the reputation wasn’t easily shaken. We’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to see this as a positive or a negative, but we hope for all the best for Powazek’s future plans, which are sure to be terrific, based on his other work in the past.