The Anatomically-Correct Anthony Weiner Twitter Doll Is So Popular It’s Crashing Servers

As we documented last week, Democrat Anthony Weiner’s Twitter escapades have made an enormous impact on the political world, both in how other politicians on Twitter have reacted to the scandal (tweets across all Congress members are down 28%) and Weiner himself, who is under enormous pressure to resign.

At the moment, he’s standing his ground. And maybe with good reason, as a new Anthony Weiner figure from – available in standard and the enhanced, adult-only edition – is proving so popular with fans that it’s repeatedly crashing their website.

Herobuilders, an American toy company who specialise in customised dolls, have long enjoyed mocking celebrating politicians with special releases on their site – everybody from President Obama to George W. Bush to Sarah Palin is available to buy.

But this Weiner doll takes things to the next level, particularly the enhanced ‘Weiner Weiner’ (snicker) edition, which for an additional ten bucks promises a little extra under those adorable ‘Tweet This’ shorts.

You can even take that sexting experience to the next level and equip your Weiner figure with a miniature Blackberry.

Demand is high, so best to get your order in now. Who knows – if and when Weiner finally resigns, his doll might actually become somewhat collectable.