Journalist From The Atlantic Recalls Her Recent Brunch With Olivia Nuzzi

Garance Franke-Ruta is a senior editor with The Atlantic, covering national politics. She had brunch a couple of weeks ago in New York with Slate’s Dave Weigel.

But in light of certain recent NYC events, it’s the other member of her brunch party that makes the meal 20/20 notable. To Franke-Ruta’s surprise, Weigel had also asked Olivia Nuzzi to join them. The former Weiner campaign intern who would go on to make a big splash via her NSFWCORP blog entries and this past Tuesday’s NYDN cover. Writes Franke-Ruta:

I was impressed by the way Nuzzi coupled a kind of self-conscious sexpot appearance with an unexpectedly deep knowledge of New York and New Jersey politics. She friended me on Facebook shortly thereafter…

There was no question when I met Nuzzi that she was on the make. But then so are plenty of other young journalists – the difference is that they are usually men. It’s actually rather rare to meet a young aspiring woman journalist who is as aggressively networky and career-oriented as Nuzzi. Or as willing to burn bridges.

We’re not sure about the bridges part. Franke-Ruta notes that Nuzzi, a junior at Fordham University, has contributed to other sites and says she won’t be surprised if this young woman arrives on TV somewhere a lot sooner. Read the full Atlantic essay here.