Anthony De Rosa Joins Circa as Editor in Chief

You remember Circa, don’t you? The mobile app that touts itself as the “best way to read news on your phone” is still growing, with its latest addition to the staff being Reuters’ social media editor Anthony De Rosa.

In a release, De Rosa said:

“There’s a huge opportunity to present news in a way that’s made for mobile. Nobody is thinking about this more than Circa and I’m thrilled to help move that mission forward.”

So, what exactly does an Editor in Chief do at Circa, and how is that different from what News Director David Cohn does? For that answer, I turned to Cohn himself:

In this sense Mobile is breaking the mold. Anthony will be taking over the day-to-day of the newsroom. Obviously there will be a transition period. And to be honest – I will always be involved in the day-to-day to some extent just by my nature, but over time it will become Anthony’s realm. My job will be about stepping back a bit and looking at Circa’s relationship with technology (working with our CTO to improve our tools) working on Circa’s relationship with other news organizations, working on Circa’s relationship with advertisers, etc.

De Rosa will be joining a team of 12 editors who are situated all across the globe.The company is currently work version 2.0 of its iPhone app and expected to release an Android App to be released in the fall.


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