Answering The ‘Dream Job’ Question Honestly

It’s tempting, we know, when the interviewer asks you “What is your dream job?” to just smile winningly and say “This one.” But don’t go down that primrose path; it’s only going to lead to pain.

Joe Grimm gives a magazine student some pointers:

  • Talk about what you’re passionate about in your work. Grimm suggests: “Through my designs, I like to create ‘a-ha’ moments for my audience. I first realized this was important to me when …” And then give an example.
  • Talk about the theories or concepts that are important to you. Grimm says: “My dream job will have to include elements of video and audio, as well as two-dimensional design, as that is where I feel I have some real potential to stand out. I get my news, for example, by …”
  • Or talk about your dream job as a process, not a destination. Grimm says: I can see several dream jobs for me, each one building on the previous. The job I have now is a dream of sorts because it lets me (anecdote here). But I know I am outgrowing it. My next dream job will likely include several of the elements I know now and some new ones that will set me up for the next job.”

None of those answers, you’ll note, offers specifics about the job you’re aiming for. They all put the focus back on you and what your passions, skills, and abilities are. How swell!