Answer thousands of trivia questions in QuizFortune Trivia on iOS


While Plain Vanilla Games’ QuizUp may arguably be the top quiz game on mobile, with over 10 million players since its launch in November of last year, mobile developer QuizFortune hopes to steal the spotlight with a trivia game of its own. QuizFortune Trivia is now available for free on iOS, and offers 100,000 questions across 700 individual quizzes.

QuizFortune allows players to choose from overall categories like sports, movies or the arts, and then offers specialized quizzes in each category. In the “Arts and Literature” tab, for instance, players can choose to answer questions about the works of Shakespeare or classical music, among others.

Each round offers nine timed multiple choice questions, with users earning points for each correct answer, as well as bonus points for speed or correct answer streaks. The better users perform on a single round, the more lightbulb or mastery points they earn for that category.

A 50/50 hint system allows users to eliminate two wrong answers from a single question, with additional hints available via in-app purchase. The game offers Facebook connect for challenging friends, as well as solo play through guests accounts. Finally, a private leaderboard system tracks users’ progress against their friends.

QuizFortune is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.