Answer the ‘How Did They Do It’ Question for Entrepreneur

Send pitches with actionable advice on running companies to this business magazine.

Entrepreneur-ArticleEntrepreneur magazine explores the stories of accomplished business owners and, in the process, extracts advice and ideas for its audience of readers who seek the same kind of success. Executive editor Carolyn Horwitz describes the magazine’s efforts in this way:

I think what we do a little bit more of is on the tactical side — really giving people the nuts and bolts they need to be in business or to grow their business.

Keep that frame in mind as you pitch stories to the magazine — it is what threads the magazine’s diverse sections together. As for where freelancers should focus their energies, the “Startup” section is a good bet.

The “Startup” section features three articles that are similarly formatted from month to month and, says Horwitz, they represent some of the most freelancer-friendly content in the book. Within that section, “Wacky Idea” is a 600- to 700-word piece on an entrepreneur who took a crazy concept and turned it into a business. The company doesn’t need to be profitable, as the article serves as more of a case study that “follows them from their aha moment to when they got in business and looks at what they’re doing next,” says Horwitz.

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