Anschutz-Owned San Francisco Examiner On an All White Male Hiring Spree

Former San Francisco Examiner writer Erin Sherbert, now with the SF Weekly, has noticed a disturbing trend since she left her former paper. In a newsroom that was already fairly male-centric when she worked there, these days only 8 of 35 editorial staffers are women. The last nine hires have been white men. On top of that, Melissa Griffin, the only female columnist at the paper, has a glowing full body shot to accompany her byline while her male counterparts have the typical gray head shot.

Not good.

Writes Sherbert:

The buzz on the street is that another female reporter recently left, which means there will presumably be a vacancy. If the Ex does end up filling that with yet another male, the least it could do is show us some man boobs for a change.

The Examiner, incidentally, is owned by AEG mogul Philip Anschutz. Might wanna forget about that tax funnel you call a stadium proposal for a minute and put in a word up there Phil.

Update: Griffin wrote us to explain the body shot: “The reason mine is a full shot is because I have a full page. When Ken Garcia wrote a full page, he had a similar picture.”

H/T Romenesko