Another Web Browser Available For Android

I am amazed by how many web browsers are now available for mobile devices, particularly for Android. Another browser called Bolt is now available in the Android Market. Bolt claims to provide faster browsing, social network integration, and built-in support for RSS feeds.

I tested Bolt by installing it on my HTC Flyer tablet and Nexus S smartphone. One of the first things you will notice with Bolt is that web sites treat it like a desktop browser, and it renders full web site pages by default rather than the mobile versions typically seen on those devices.

The trade-off to having full web site access is that in my experience web pages take a little longer to render. A setting is available that configures Bolt to display the mobile version of web sites if they are available, and even after enabling that setting Bolt seems a little slower than Dolphin HD and Firefox.

Another feature of Bolt is its social network integration, provided by a dedicated tab as well as with it’s sharing function. Bolt might as well have called it Facebook integration because it is the only social network it seems to know about. By providing Bolt with access to your Facebook account you will be able to access the Facebook mobile web site by quickly selecting the social network tab.

I do like the font that Bolt uses to render text on web pages because it is easy to read. Unfortunately, even the good text rendering is offset by very sensitive scrolling that causes the web page to move left or right when I simply want to scroll up or down.

The multitude of web browsers available means that users have options for finding one that they prefer. All of the browsers are free, so the only cost is the time you take to try them. If you aren’t happy with the web browser that you are currently using, you can try Bolt.