Another Tale Of Freelance Woe: Tiger Oak Publications Is A Year Behind Paying Up

Same story, different company: the Minneapolis-based Tiger Oak Publications has apparently delayed payments to freelancers by up to a year, MinnPost reports. The situation got so bad that the Minnesota Attorney General sent a letter to Tiger Oak asking about the delays.

There are at least four freelancers, according to Dena Alspach, who publishes the 10 local titles in Tiger Oak’s stable, who are owed money. Jolie Mouton is one of those freelancers owed money; she says the debts range from $900 to nearly $2,000.

Tiger Oak’s contract stipulates payment 90 days after publication, which given magazine deadlines, means it could be six months before a freelancer receives money for the work s/he did. But Tiger Oak apparently blew through that deadline by another five months.

“Everyone thinks we’re Goliath, but we’re a small company that depends on small companies. Some [advertisers] have not paid, most people paid us slowly, and that affects cash flow,” Alspach told MinnPost.

After the attorney general letter, Tiger Oak sent partial payment to four freelancers, but more money is still owed, the writers said. And Tiger Oak recently revamped its contract to specify payment a pretty unprecedented 120 days after publication.

Just over a year ago, the company laid off its editorial director and sold nine magazines. At the time, freelancers were complaining about checks that were nine months overdue. Oh snap.