Another Style Departure

From the Post:

    We are delighted to announce that Anita Huslin will be covering business in Prince George’s County. Anita has impressed us with her creative ideas for transforming business coverage in Prince George’s, one of the nation’s wealthiest black majority counties. She plans to focus much of her efforts on personality and culture-driven stories, writing about the entrepreneurs, financiers, developers, contractors, lawyers and other professionals who are reshaping the county. She also intends to use the county as a base for writing about the region’s growing black middle class, as well as rising income disparities within the black community.

    Anita’s Chesapeake Bay coverage showed she has the vision and the skills needed to create a completely new beat that has high impact. Her work in Style showed she has the ability to find fascinating personality stories off the news. We are eager for her to combine those talents to produce original and meaty stories about one of the region’s most important business communities. Anita will start in the Business section on Feb. 5.