Another Sex App is Being Developed for Google Glass

sexy glassGoogle Glass may prohibit sexually explicit content, but it hasn’t prevented creative and horny folks from developing adult-friendly apps for the wearable computer. The new app proposal is called Sex with Google Glass, wherein two glass users can view each other’s perspective using Glass. The app also can be enlisted to dim the lights, put on some steamy tunes, and also offer advice – like a real-time Karma Sutra tutor.

Just say “ok glass, it’s time” and Glass will stream what you see to each other. And if you feel like stopping everything, just ask: “ok glass, pull out”.

The app records both versions of the act which then is saved onto the app’s server for your post-coital viewing pleasure. However, you’ll only have five hours to re-experience the good times, the app deletes the video permanently, you know “for the ladies.” Of course, if this app comes to Glass, it might be yanked, just like its sexy predecessor, Tits and Glass.