Another Sickened D.C. Scribe: ‘Kim Kardashian, Really?’

U.S. News & World Reports‘ Susan Milligan offers her acerbic take on what’s really wrong with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as the Washington press corps. prostrates itself to Hollywood celebs. Unlike some dinner critics, Milligan (a snooty Gridiron member and longtime Washington reporter) doesn’t see a problem with Washington’s coziness with Hollywood, she just doesn’t like the Lindsay Lohans and multitudinous Kardashians of the world.

In her story, Milligan describes what the dinner used to be like — and what it’s like now.

“With each passing year, the dinner is starting to look more like an after party at the Oscars. And what’s worse, the reporters hosting the event end up in supporting roles as groupies, degrading both themselves and the profession. … Kim Kardashian, really? … What was Lindsay Lohan doing at the dinner? Convicted former Reps. Jim Traficant and Duke Cunningham aren’t invited. So why have some actress at the dinner who has been forced to wear an electronic monitoring device around her ankle?”

Unlike many, she says it’s not that there is too much coziness in Washington. She insists there’s not enough. Huh? Read on.

On a side note: The New York Daily News is reporting today that Kim Kardashian is really a Democrat. Despite all that Fox News on in the household she leans left. “I’m a Democrat,” she told NYDN proudly.  Funniest part of the story is when she refers to Rick Santorum as “Rick Santoro.”