Another Reason to Love Gary Panter

We’re not ashamed to admit that today, nearly two decades after Pee Wee’s Playhouse taped its final episode, we can name most of the characters that were embedded into the show’s fantastical set (oh, how we coveted Magic Screen, to say nothing of plush, toothpaste-hued Chairry), the creation of which was helmed by illustrator, painter, and designer Gary Panter. And so we were thrilled to discover that Panter has a blog, and while only updated once every couple of months, it does not disappoint. Late last year, Brooklyn-based Panter wrote of his experience dropping off a cover design at the Manhattan offices of Marvel Comics, where he was directed to deposit his envelope at the end of a hall (“There on the floor, by the door, was a pile of packages, but also some thrown-out pizza boxes in the same pile….Is this any way to run a Death star?”). But we call your attention to Panter’s most recent post, in which he weaves a wonderful tale-cum-thank you note to the employees of a Taco Bell he recently visited. An excerpt:

I can’t chew gum and walk straight, so I can only vaguely imagine the fog one must enter; what psychic challenge it must be, trying to order ones senses while taking the order by earpiece, given all the contradictory sensorial input; running back and forth from the colorful branded zones of Baskin-Robbins/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Dunkin Donuts—how many colors and smells can you intake per minute? You have to be as canny as a bartender, mixing subtle ratios of matter and flavor bits, into tasty Manhattans of 100% cheesefood, microwaved ground fried beef, frosty sour cream, gloopy russian dressing and so forth, soft or crispy?….I feel for you. All of you. You all. Not just all of you. All of you all.