Another Political Twitter Blunder: Prankster Takes Over @LeaderHoyer Account

It seems like politicians just haven’t been able to figure out how to transition from one Twitter name to another without hitting some bumps on the road to a new identity. During the midterm elections this past November, several politicians switched their Twitter handle to better represent their new position, most notable @SpeakerPelosi being ditched in favor of @NancyPelosi when Peolsi lost her position as the Speaker of the House. However, not every transition has been so smooth: Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer’s old account was taken over by a prankster, and tweeted some rather embarrassing messages during the President’s State of the Union earlier this week.

ZDNet reported the compromised @LeaderHoyer Twitter account yesterday. The account has since been suspended, but during Tuesday’s State of the Union it tweeted some pretty harsh and vulgar words.

The above tweets are clearly not from the Congressman himself. In fact, Hoyer had changed to a new Twitter account, @WhipHoyer, several weeks prior to the State of the Union. However, his team had left the @LeaderHoyer account open when they made the switch – and it looks like a prankster swooped on it and waited to post until the State of the Union.

Politicians have had to deal with changing political identities bumping up against their Twitter identities before, and others have fallen into the hands of hackers and pranksters as well. We’re hoping that the recent hiring of Adam Sharp to be the liaison between Twitter and D.C. will help mitigate these account migration problems, so voters and fellow tweeters aren’t duped into believing the words of an impostor.