Another Phishing Scam Hits Facebook


A new scam is making the rounds on the social networking site We received multiple messages in our Facebook inbox Thursday from friends encouraging us to “check out” web links with .at URL’s. Recently, Facebook has been hit with several of these “phishing” attacks directing users to Websites that steal their login information. Scammers are then able to launch subsequent attacks from the affected accounts. Stolen Facebook login info can also be used to break into e-mail accounts and banking sites since many people have one password for multiple internet services.

Earlier this month, Facebook was hit with two similar scams involving links to sites with “.im” web addresses. We called up Facebook to see if they’ve noticed an increase in phishing activity on the site lately, but as of this writing, we haven’t heard back from them. On May 1st, Ryan McGeehan, who works for the Facebook security team, wrote a blog post revealing that Facebook has “responded to over 1,400 phishing sites, including over 240 since the beginning of this year.”

Facebook advises users who believe their accounts have been compromised to immediately change their passwords and run a virus scan on their computer.