Another News Feed rule change coming this week

As part of the user experience improvement program (i.e. aggressive developer marketing crackdown) announced last week, Facebook is making another change to the way applications can publish stories to users’ feeds this week.

Facebook developer Ari Steinberg writes that developers will soon no longer be able to publish Mini Feed stories for a user if they are not the active “actors” in the feed story.  For example, “Justin gave a present to John” would be an acceptable story to publish on my Mini Feed, but “John was given a present by Justin” would NOT be an acceptable story to publish on John’s Mini Feed. This change will eliminate a certain class of feed items that many users perceived as spammy.

Facebook is giving developers a 1 month transition period to remove passive feed items from their code, but is taking a more aggressive tone to the transition than they have previously. Steinberg writes, “Starting 9am Pacific time Tuesday 22 January we may contact you, or in severe cases initiate an enforcement action, if your stories are not complying with the new policy, especially if the volume of non-complying stories is high.”