Another literary unmasking at the New York Times?

That breathless headline was very fun to write, and may just be true! Here’s why: my brother at FishbowlLA noticed something odd in yesterday’s Thursday Styles section: a certain article about multi-bladed razors was written by a writer named “Nick Burns.” This “Nick Burns” has only one other byline in the NYT…also about shaving. Nicks? Burns? If his middle name is “Bloody Kleenex Sticking To Your Chin” we’re definitely on to something.

We’ve sent the query into the NYT, so we’ll let you know as soon as we know. The Fishbowl gumshoes are on it!

Update: Wow, the NYT people are fast! Which I appreciate, even when they’re dashing our conspiracy theories into a million little pieces. Here’s the note from NYT spokesman Toby Usnik:


Mr. Burns does exist; he’s a freelance contributor to the paper. As for Mr. Rich, I’ll let him know of your interest in speaking with him about journalists and showtunes.



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p.s. SNL synchronicity: our first post of the day (Steve Martin and his Festrunkian crispy chest hairs), and “Nick Burns'” lede. Love it.