Another Life After Dwell-ing

Because the leaving of Dwell‘s Allison Arieff is all the news this past couple of days, we thought it was interesting when we found this recent interview with Karrie Jacobs (the former founding editor of Dwell) about her life after leaving the magazine and what made her write her new book, The Perfect $100,00 House: A Trip Across America and Back in Pursuit of a Place to Call Home. Here’s some:

…toward the end of my time at Dwell I started researching a story about the design of subdivisions. I went down to KB Home — Kaufman and Broad, one of the largest home builders in the country — and did a bunch of interviews on how they operate. I wanted to do an in-depth piece about subdivisions, but there was diminishing tolerance at Dwell for serious pieces, and that’s part of the reason why I left. The piece never got written, but the work I’d done on it was still fresh in my mind.

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