Another Imus? | Catfighting With Gawker | Viacom Snubs Google | Blogging Glamour | Marie Claire‘s Dangerous Game | Cindy Adams vs. Rubert Murdoch?


  • “Dog House” hosts: Suspended for racial and ethnic slurs. [NYT]
  • Eric Alterman: Calls Gawker out on carpet. [ETP]
  • Viacom: “Like a jilted lover flaunting a new partner in front of an ex.” [BusinessWeek]
  • Glamour Staffers: Forced to blog. [Jossip]
  • “The Masthead With Marie Claire“: Podcast crosses church-state line? [WWD]
  • Rosie and Cindy Adams: Unite against Rupert Murdoch. [Gawker]