Another Good Idea From Sprint: Launch an App Store Without Building It – Team with GetJar

For a company that keeps losing customers and gets almost no respect, Sprint does a lot of clever things:

– It got an exclusive deal for the Palm Pre back when the Pre looked like a world beater
– It invested heavily in Clear and their 4G WiMAX technology which may be one of the 4G winners
– It launched the 1.5 generation MiFi type device named OverDrive that routes both 3G and 4G wireless data to WiFi

Its latest clever move, in my humble opinion, is launching an app store without needing to build one…

Sprint Partners with GetJar to Offer its Customers 60,000 Free Apps (Sprint press release)

GetJar was started in 2004 and was one of the first app stores (beating Apple by a couple of years). You can find them at, reasonably enough, They provide app downloads for a number of platforms. And, guess what? Sprint sells a number of platforms. Pointing non-technical relatively naive phone users at it is a simple but good idea for Sprint and its customers.