Another Gift App Comes to Facebook

Grow-A-GiftIf you’ve seen one gift application then you have seen them all, right? Maybe not. Ford Prefect, Keith Schacht and Ben Pollack have just launched a new gift application that puts a new twist on Facebook gifting. Rather than presenting a static gift to the receiver, the gift recipient will receive a gift that will grow into a beautiful flower. Right now there are 12 types of flowers to choose from, but I have a feeling that if this application gains traction they will start adding new gifts. This application kind of reminds me of those pills that you could put in water and watch them slowly turn into a sponge-like replica of an animal. Do you remember those things? They were great! A few users on the application wall made some suggestions that I agree with. It would be cool to see these gifts grow into something funny like a donkey or a dancing monkey. Aside from that this is a pretty cool twist on the gift applications. I am not a big gift giver on Facebook but maybe that’s because I’m too busy sending messages and writing on walls. If you like giving gifts then I highly recommend checking out the Grow-a-Gift application.