Another Editor Speaks Out Against AOL Patch

Another Patch editor has spoken out against AOL’s new hyper-local group of sites. This one, a former copy editor, wrote to the Business Insider, and includes some juicy, yet scary facts about the way the company pays its editors.
This particular editor was set to work as a freelancer for the site, but the pay scale made it almost impossible for her to continue on in the job.

“The pay was bracketed. If I completed 300 entries in a week, they would pay $480. First problem, they estimated that this would take 25-30 hours. After I looked at the work, I estimated that it would take a minimum of 30 *productive* hours…So they’re talking 30 cranking, full-speed hours at $16 per hour, and you pay your own insurance and an extra 6.5% self-employment tax.”

While that seems like you need to just know what you’re getting into, this copy-editor’s other problem with the way Patch pays really makes AOL look bad.

Second problem, if you edit 200-299 entries, they pay $310. 100-199 entries completed dropped to something like $130, can’t remember for sure. This was where my real problem cropped up. You have to complete these entries within the week, which runs Sunday midnight to Sunday midnight. So, I asked my editor about this to clarify. I said, so, if I edit 290 entries in a week, 90 entries-equal to 9 hours of my time-would go unpaid? She answered yes, that’s their “incentive system.”