Another Day, Another Social Media “Privacy Issue”

Facebook can breathe a sigh of relief as they sit back and watch Google deal with some social media privacy backlash. CNET sums up the situation nicely and to the point:

Last week, Google tweaked Google Reader so that your shared items are automatically made available to your Google Talk contacts.

But, as anyone who uses instant messaging knows, not all of your IM contacts are friends. Many are acquaintances or people you barely know and with whom you may not want to share a reading list.

According to Bulldog Reporter:

Google’s initial response to complaints was weak. In a statement, a spokesman tried to argue, “With Google Talk, the parties have mutually consented to chatting with each other,” Helft reports. Then, on Wednesday, Google posted a workaround on its Google Reader blog, which had little impact in quelling critics.

Read the response they posted on their blog here.

Personally, we haven’t had any issues with Google Reader. Will people soon forget about this dent in the Google armor? We’re betting on yes.