Another Day, Another Seasonal CareerBuilder Survey: Most People Like Their Bosses?

Job board CareerBuilder just loves coming up with thematic surveys for holidays, like when they decided to figure out how many American workers spent worktime shopping on Black Friday. They’re silly pieces of journalist bait designed to attract bloggers looking for interesting news in slow news weeks.

Well, call us suckers because we’re going to post about their newest survey, which asked nearly 5,000 workers to compare their bosses to Christmas movie characters. Nearly one in five (19 percent) said their boss was most like George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life, because he’s “well-liked, [and] always willing to help others.”

Only 7 percent of respondents compared their boss to the Grinch, less than the number of respondents who likened their bosses to “A Christmas Story”‘s Ralphie, Macaulay Culkin’s character from “Home Alone,” and even Rudolph.

(Adam Sandler’s character(s) in Eight Crazy Nights don’t appear to have been an option. We don’t know of any Kwanzaa movies but rest assured those characters were not represented either.)

Still, we think the important takeaway here is: only 7 percent called their bosses Grinchy? It must be the holiday season.