Another Day, Another ‘Accidentally Painting Over a Banksy’ Story

The problem with street artist Banksy is that he leaves most of his valuable street art on the street where terrible things might happen to it. Case in point, after both thefts and numerous incidents of having his very valuable work accidentally removed or painted over, such has happened again, and the cozy confines of his hometown of Bristol no less. This time around, the BBC reports that Saeed Ahmed, the new owner of building that once housed a nightclub, decided to clean up the walls a bit and in the process whitewashed a Banksy that the community had known and loved for the past decade. However, unlike with the other times this has happened, the building’s owner feels terrible about it and is reportedly looking into “options to see if the whitewash can be removed and the painting restored

He added: “I didn’t know it was valuable and that’s why I painted over it. I really am sorry if people are upset.”

We feel badly for the guy, but it’s also just given us a million dollar idea: we’ll create a Banksy look-up index and sell it to local business owners. They can consult it before painting over graffiti, just to make sure they aren’t sitting on a) a beloved piece of artwork by a famous artist, or most important, b) something that could fetch them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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