Another Bad Pitch Blog?

Is there yet another blog devoted to lecturing PR pros on bad pitches and other nuisance filled communications? Why yes, there is. It’s pretty snappy, we’ll give them that, and it joins an already crowded market long served by the Bad Pitch Blog, Rafe Needleman of CNET’s Pro PR Tips, and of course we’re not afraid to get “servicey” here at PRNewser either.

Writes AdAge’s Ken Wheaton:

I don’t think anyone working in journalism will see anything new at Dear PR Flack, yet another site dedicated to embarrassing public relations “professionals” into doing a better job. As if that will work. Still, these sorts of experiments are always a fun read for those of us who get ridiculous or inappropriate or just plain wrong pitches every day. My favorite is always, “Hi Kevin Wheatikins, As a big fan of AdWeek, we thought …”

That being said, this is our favorite so far:

Dear PR Flack:

Gosh, your client’s shindig sounds divine. I’d be delighted to attend!

Pardon? You weren’t actually inviting me? Oh, how deliciously witty you are, asking me to pimp out your little event without consideration. Do you work for free, too?

– Anita

Seriously though, we don’t know anyone who invites media to “cover” an event without inviting them to the actual event, unless they’re just pitching a calendar listing or something of the sort. Do you agree?

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