Another Ad Network Launches

Facebook advertising is big money. That’s why VideoEgg just launched the EggNetwork. EggNetwork takes Facebook advertising to a new level with the addition of a video advertising platform. The platform provides application developers with a flash based advertising system (which you can view an example of). Supposedly VideoEgg has been testing out ads on the Facebook platform for some time now but has just officially launched. Advertising is going to be an increasingly popular feature on the Facebook platform.

I have a feeling that the primary advertisers within these networks will be other Facebook applications. Competing ad networks like Social Media help application developers to promote their applications within the ad network. These are un-targeted ads though. I tested out Social Media previously and experienced a significant boost in application installations followed by a boost in application removals. This is because the current applications that Social Media advertises on have relatively low involvement levels. It will be interesting to see how successful these ad networks are.