Another 15 Twitter Apps for Your Tweetering Needs

It’s been awhile since we’ve compiled this list for Twitter. It’s not the Twitter applications are getting scarce. On the contrary, the splurge of Twitter apps/extension continues and they keep on getting better. With Twitter becoming the no.3 social networking site, expect more of these applications/extension to come out. Here are eleven more Twitter Tweaks to give you a delightful Twitter experience.

Twtpoll: A somple Twitter application that lets you create an online poll which you can embed on your Twitter profile. Just login with your Twitter name, type your poll question, select whether your respondents could only choose one answer or multiple answers, and your poll is good to go.

Twitrans: Translates your Tweets to any language directly from your Twitter account. You enter your text for translation, Twitrans human translators will translate the message and then send the translated message to your Twitter account. It works 24/7 and available in all major languages.

Twtip: Fetches all new tweets and suggest the best tips for you through its simple and yet useful interface. Covers Twitter tips on various subjects.

Twttrip: A simple travel organizer which lets you share your travel plans with your Twitter contacts. It asks you for your current and future travel itinerary.

Twickie: Offers an easy way of archiving your Twitter response thread by fetching Twitter replies for you. It also helps you in viewing and exporting your Tweets. This Twitter app was made by famous tech blogger Chris Pirillo.

Twessenger: It’s a Windows Messenge add which updates your personal messages at regular intervals to show your latest Twitter tweet.

BubbleTweet: a tool for adding video message to your Twitter page. It works simply by just clicking on your Twitter username and then a pop-up video message will appear on your page. After you enter your Twitter username, it prompts you if you want to download a video from your PC or get video directly from your camcorder.

Tweetj: A music discovery app for Twitter. It lets you preview music and then gives you the link where to purchase it.

Twesents: This tool lets you send virtual gifts to your Twitter friends. All you have to do is select a gift, your recipients, and then send the

Twitlet: Lets you update your Twitter status fast and quick. It also lets you post webpages.

Twilert: An application that allows you to receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service, and any other keywords that you want to search on Twitter.

Twstory: A Twitter backlog mashup which lets you add your Twitter backlog feed to your calendar application and browser to create a personal Twitter diary. Lets you stream your music. It uses’s API. All you have to do is type in an artists, track, and your Twitter username. The app will then generate a track page using your Twitter page design and then allows you to Tweet it to your Twitter followers.

Vaca.Tweet: Do you use an “out-of-office” or “on-vacation” auto reply for your emal? Then this is the Twitter version of that tool. You choose whether to auto-reply with a message coming from @vacatweet or directly from your Twitter account.

Twitter2FF : Lets you sync Twitter and FriendFeed friends. Just enter your credentials and the app will retrieve your friend lists, cross-check them, and give you the option to follow or subscribe directly .

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