Anonymous Twitter Account Named Music Critic of the Year

Who said that you couldn’t really communicate in 140-characters or less? Well, Village Voice would disagree, as they have just crowned the music critic of the year: an anonymous Twitter account that critiques an artist’s entire discography in a single tweet.

Follow @Discographies and you’ll be privy to short, snarky little snippets of music criticism in each 140-character discography review.

Village Voice named this account the music critic of the year, and sat down with the anonymous account holder for an interview. @Discographies has an interesting take on the state of music criticism on Twitter:

“The viability of music criticism on Twitter–at least in a populist sense–was proven the very first time someone wrote: “OMG! I <3 Justin SO MUCH!!!"...If you mean "music criticism on Twitter" in the sense of "writing about music by professionals who already do this stuff for (something that resembles) a living"...well, apart from Chris Weingarten, that field is still pretty much wide open."

And, of course, @Discographies has something to say about Kanye West’s infamous Twitter presence:

“It’s like one of those science fiction stories where you get to watch an unformed consciousness evolve at hyperspeed into a super-brain that takes over the universe. At this point, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing in a whatever-I-do-defines-the-vital-center-of-pop-culture-in-2010-whether-you-like-it-or-not way. He’s at the top of his game, he knows it, and he knows you know it, too. “

And while Village Voice wasn’t able to elicit the actual identity of @Discographies, the entire interview is worth a read.

Here are three of our favorite @Discographies reviews for your reading pleasure:

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