Anonymous Taunts FBI On Twitter Over Hacked Apple IDs

Anonymous has 12 million Apple device IDs that they claim were hacked from an FBI laptop – and the IDs appear to be legit.

The FBI denies the IDs came from them, but Anonymous is not letting up, taunting the @FBIPressOffice on Twitter.

How will this end? The story keeps developing. So other than the likelihood of seeing Gawker reporter, Adrian Chen in a tutu, nothing is certain right now.

Why care about silly device IDs?

According to TPM:

. . . leading New Zealand security researcher and persistent UDID critic Aldo Cortesi to call the release of the one million UDIDs on Monday a “privacy catastrophe.”

As Cortesi has previously demonstrated, one app allowed hackers to link a UDID to “a user’s identity, geolocation and Facebook and Twitter accounts,” and “completely take over” the app, giving a hacker “access [to] chat, forums, friends lists, and more using just a UDID.”

Well, that sucks.

And also – why would the FBI have this information?

According to AllThingsD, Apple just said it has NO idea how the FBI could’ve gotten the IDs in question (if, in fact, the IDs came from the FBI, of course):

“The FBI has not requested this information from Apple, nor have we provided it to the FBI or any organization. Additionally, with iOS 6 we introduced a new set of APIs meant to replace the use of the UDID and will soon be banning the use of UDID,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told AllThingsD.

The @FBIPressOffice seemed to get a little ticked about the whole thing earlier, sending out this tweet (which, you can see was promptly ridiculed by @AnonymousIRC among others)

And an hour later, the @FBIPressOffice tweeted a link to this statement:


Which was met with this response:


They’re a brave group, these Anonymous folks, hmm? It takes cojones to openly mock the FBI, but we guess that’s nothing compared to them openly admitting to hacking them as well!

So where did the IDs come from? Does Anonymous have a reason to lie about their origin? And if the FBI had them – why?

(Taunt image from Shutterstock)

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