Anonymous Tops Reddit | Twitter Bribe | Is Facebook Uncool?

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Anonymous, Reddit Top ‘Time 100′ Poll (Mashable)
Time‘s poll asked Internet users to vote for the year’s most influential individuals spanning a range of fields and professions, from politics to entertainment. Time In the beginning, it seemed to be a runaway win for Erik Martin, the general manager of the online sharing community Reddit. And then Anonymous, the loosely knit network of like-minded Internet activists, surged to take the top spot just before deadline. The Verge What should be an Internet popularity contest might be more accurately seen as a ranking of who’s better at gaming poll results. PCMag Does any of this really matter, however? Not to Time: Its final list of influential entities for this year’s Top 100 issue will be chosen by the magazine’s editors for the big April 17 reveal, not by popular vote.

LinkedIn Introduces Targeted Updates and Follower Statistics (SocialTimes)
The new services give marketers access to targeting and analytics for advertising campaigns for LinkedIn company pages. This is an attempt to help brands that want to connect with interested users: a brand can now target and analyze whether they are attracting users of certain demographics to their brand pages. Adweek Launch partners for the new products include AT&T, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung Mobile and HSBC, the company said. Business Insider LinkedIn says that 70 percent of LinkedIn members follow or would follow companies on LinkedIn, and roughly two out of three LinkedIn followers would follow companies “indefinitely.”

Maryland Becomes First State to Ban Employers from Asking for Social Media Passwords (Baltimore Sun)
The bill passed unanimously in the Senate and by a wide margin in the House last week, and lawmakers successfully reconciled the bills before the legislative session ended Monday at midnight. The bill now awaits signature from Gov. Martin O’Malley. Gizmodo Other states are following Maryland’s lead; similar laws have been introduced in Illinois, California, Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts. New Jersey is likely to jump on board soon, too.

Facebook Reportedly Sets IPO For As Early As May 16 (AllFacebook)
Kate Kelly reported on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report that Facebook will launch a road show to back its IPO either May 7 or 14, and the company’s “plan A” is to begin trading either May 16 or 17, a Wednesday and Thursday, with “plan B” moving that date back to pricing the stock Thursday, May 24, and beginning trading the following day.

Website Guilts Celebrities Into Participating On Twitter (AllTwitter)
It isn’t as bad as it sounds. There’s a website called Charity Bribes that raises money for various charities in a pretty unique way – by collecting money to bribe celebrities to do stuff. Huffington Post In this case, Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David is being bribed to join Twitter. The bribe’s mission statement reads: “He’s hilarious. He’s not on Twitter. He should be. If we raise enough we can convince him.”

Hillary Clinton Thanks ‘Texts From Hillary’ Guys For The ‘LOLZ’ (Huffington Post)
In less than a week, the blog Texts From Hillary has become an online sensation, boosting Clinton’s public image in the process. Mashable The blog received a guest submission from an unexpected source on Monday: Secretary of State Clinton herself.

500px Aims to Take Out Flickr with $20/year Plan, Unlimited Storage, Market Function and Mac Uploader (The Next Web)
In a move that should be a surprise to nobody, technology darling 500px is moving to take out Flickr with a new Plus plan. The company had previously held a high-level plan that was priced at $50 per year, but the Plus membership’s $20 per year pricing is aiming to hit Flickr where it hurts against its own pro-level plan at $25 per year.

When Did Facebook Become So Uncool? (CNN Tech)
What changed? Facebook — no longer a feisty startup but a 3,000-person, soon-to-be-public corporation with $3.9 billion in cash and an $85 billion to $100 billion valuation — spent $1 billion to gobble up a much smaller competitor, the photo-sharing app Instagram. When it did so, it stirred up a caldron of ill will that the “People of the Internet” have been harboring toward Mark Zuckerberg’s once-hip company. Some Instagram users said they were downloading all of their photos and then deleting them from the app just so Facebook couldn’t get its hands on them.

Tumblr Updates Android App With a Radical New Look (VentureBeat)
The Android release, out now, includes a radical new design and interface, loads faster, spits out notifications for multiple blogs in one place, prettifies the photo-browsing experience, and supports animated gifs. The update also comes with Tumblr Radar, the curation engine that spotlights top posts on the network.