Anonymous Rant


Today we debut a new feature we’re calling Anonymous Rant. The point is to allow readers to spout off on a media topic without fear of getting beheaded, or more importantly, canned. There must be some discretion. We’re not allowing people to go off on specific members of the media too viciously unless they provide a name. Should you have a rant, send to us at or to Keep it relatively short and snappy. No one wants to read your verbosity unless it’s really entertaining.

From an Obama Administration official:

I have a job that requires me to have cable news on throughout the course of the day. Sadly, this has made me, and the rest of the country, dumber. Much, much dumber. My specific beef is with MSNBC. Right now, the network is trying to rebrand itself with the catch phrase “lean forward.” But the drivel they offer up is ramming the country backward. This morning, I have been fed a steady stream of “news” about Bristol Palin’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars,” a car chase in Miami, and the fact that People Magazine thinks actor Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive.

The kicker? Prince William, of England, is engaged to his girlfriend. MSNBC even dedicated a segment to the ring he gave to his wife-to-be. My question: Who cares? Who really fricking cares?! What happened to the world of real news? About things that matter? Where’s the coverage of Iraq, Afghanistan, unemployment, the economy? Where are the stories about revolutionizing health care, innovating our energy sector, or improving our foreign policy?

To be somewhat fair, in between breaking coverage about what Britney is wearing and when Lindsay going back to prison, MSNBC gives its viewers snippets of actual relevant information about things that affect their lives, like taxes, the deficit, and Congress.

But the network – all cable networks – are woefully lacking in this department. Contessa, Chris, Tamron, I have a simple request. You work for a news outlet. Please, from someone that cares about the news, give us more of it.
And leave the rest to TMZ.