Anonymous Declares Dec. 11 as ‘Troll ISIS Day’

#Daeshbags? Mic. Drop.

Most black-hat hackers are respected in a niche sphere of influence. It’s an audience that is unlike the Apple acolytes who still worship at a porcelain throne shaped like a Commodore 64 with Steve Jobs’ picture on it.

However, the notoriety that hacktivism group Anonymous has collected through the years is something most reality stars don’t even achieve (outside of an adult video tape release). They have followers, fans, subscribers, and a throng of Webheads who have purchased signature Guy Fawkes masks in the dozens.

They are known for their anti-establishment campaigns, anti-big-banking efforts and anti-bigoted church outreach. However, with their latest anti-terrorism stunt, their prestige may reach an all-time high.

On December 11, as part of Operation Isis, the activist group is asking people to mock Daesh with memes and pictures of members of the terror group who have been killed.

They want people taking part to use the hashtags #Daesh and #Daeshbags and post images of goats to Isis members ‘with captions talking about their wives’.

No, this has nothing to do with keen hacking, malevolent coding or surreptitious phishing. This is flat-out trolling. Or you know, every Monday on Twitter. And Anonymous has some rationale behind this “Day of Rage.”

“You may be wondering why we are ‘trolling’ Isis and planning all these demonstrations against Isis,” the spokesperson for Anonymous says. “They thrive off of fear, they hope that by their actions they can silence all of us and get us to just lay low and hide in fear. But what many forget, and even they do, is that there are many more people in the world against them than for them.”

Again, that hashtag looking to trend on December 11 is #Daeshbags. That’s so good, Republican and Democrat Senators should be high-fiving on this one.

Speaking of those not-so-hip windbags, Anonymous wants to ensure that everyone understands just how to — as the cool kids say — “troll.” So they produced a fact sheet. Gang, if the doltish Kardashians can trend for posting a selfie, this should be worldwide in no time.

Because ‘Murica!


  • Post mocking photos of Isis while using #Daesh and #Daeshbags
  • Post photos of goats while @ing Isis members with captions talking about their wives
  • Use #’s that many Isis members use and post mocking photos
  • While again using #’s Isis members use call them out on being Daesh
  • First @ Isis members call the attention of all your friends to them to suspend
  • While using #’s known for Isis members to use post photos of dead Isis members
  • Lets try to get #Daeshbags trending


  • Post photos showing you are not afraid against them
  • Openly call them Daesh
  • Post photos of captured Isis members and mock them


  • Find Isis accounts and out them to all of your friends asking to report
  • Openly call them Daesh and Deashbags
  • Spread mocking photos of Isis


  • Make mocking videos of Isis
  • Spread photos of dead/captured Isis members
  • Call to other youtubers to join in and to mock and belittle Isis members
  • Find any Isis accounts and report them

Real life

  • Print out photos that mock Isis and spread them around your city (be careful can be seen as bad if some don’t understand you aren’t supporting but mocking)
  • Make stickers of mocking photos and put around your town
  • Print out pages showing how Isis does not represent Islam