AnonymASSes of the Week

Has been quite an emotional week in the Fishbowl and we’ve had a stampede of AnonymASSes write in and it’s just too hard to choose one. So we narrowed it down to three.

1. “OMG, they fixed their lighting problem at Politico?? Please, tell me more about this fascinating development you unearthed whilst watching TV … Great stuff, guys. Really great stuff.” Dear Ass: If we have to explain the “show, don’t tell” concept of journalism to you, it’s just not worth it. Enjoy the watermelon.

2. “OMG, it’s so hilariously awesome how you crazy clowns use your legendary wit and verve to mock and ridicule 23-year-old Hill staffers on The Hill’s Most Beautiful list!! Way to go! You Fishfarts are soooo much better than everyone else in DC – or anywhere, frankly! Thank God you have such a prestigious platform from which to remind everyone else of that undeniable fact! Keep up the AMAZING work, you insufferable, meaningless, tiny little douches!” Dear Ass: On this one, Peter remarked, “I wear the title of Fishfart proudly.” And Eddie: “Tiny? I expect insufferable and meaningless, but to call someone ‘tiny douche’ is kind of holding back.'”

3. “Just wanted to let you know that my whole office LOVES LOVES LOVES your cute, little blog. Every day we email around the most ridiculous, petty, bitchy, whiney, childish and meaningless drivel you post and it keeps us in hysterics all day. Seriously, I can’t believe some of the crap you guys put on Shitbowl DC, but I’m so grateful that you do it! Keep up the uh “good” work. You guys make our day!! xoxoxx” Dear Ass: xoxoxx right back at you. As we like to say during our morning Fishbowl meditation practice, our Shitbowl is your Shitbowl. Namaste.

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