AnonymASS Tipsters of the Week

Today we have a few AnonymASSes to share with you.

“Spotted: David Gregory shopping at South Moon Under”

Note to ASS: No doubt Gregory was waiting with anticipation outside the women’s store to get in there to shop for something to wear to Sunday’s show.

Next we have a reader irate over our coverage of an upcoming Rock the Vote Pool Party, which is sponsored by Rock the Vote and South Moon Under.

“Why Washington Gossip Sucks? A post (or paid ad) on a journalism gossip site that has nothing remotely to do with journalism: Cocktails, Cupcakes and a Pool Party, Oh My! If the Reliable Source ran this, you’d have your juvenile snark at fever pitch: Cocktails, Cupcakes and a Pool Party, Oh My!” 

Note to ASS: We understand your rage. How dare we inform journalists about their Pool Party options in a heat wave. Our beat–we’re just learning what that is after three years–is the intersection of politics and media. You know us well. If The Reliable Source wrote this, we’d have our snark at fevered pitch because this is not gossip and wasn’t intended to be. It also was not a paid ad.