AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

FishbowlDC has written two brief items on The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful for 2010 – a Capitol Hill beauty contest that publishes each summer. The feature got a recent shout-out on “Jeopardy!”
But at least one Tipster was annoyed, writing, “How about some disclosure, Betsy? You keep writing about The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People, without mentioning you used to run that project. It would be nice to share with your readers your bias.”
I hear you, AnonymASS. So here’s your full disclosure: I created the project in 2004 and ran it for five years. It’s a tough job and someone’s got to do it. As for “bias” – that might be a bit strong. FishbowlDC will publish on it when it’s fitting (and when I have insider information that many readers will enjoy). If I start writing about it everyday all day long in manifesto format I’m sure my co-editor will jar me out of my 50 Most Beautiful coma.