AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

Okay, so a little pet peeve I have in the Fishbowl is when complainers write in and don’t explain what story they’re talking about or what specifically they’re referring to. They throw out some insulting nugget that’s supposed to stop us in our tracks and make us ponder something. But what? Come on, tipsters. Be as insulting as you want, but at least explain yourselves.

A writer writes in this week…

“How did this Austin Price get the job with you? He must’ve flunked the bad taste and banality test?”

Hey there, ASS: So nice of your to write in and share with us. Your comments are really constructive! Austin Price is our summer intern and a tasteful, talented one at that. So above anything else I will say here, STFU and maybe go take up knitting or Parchisi? The larger matter here is that this is Intern Abuse, which we don’t allow (too much) here in the Fishbowl. I suggest you take the matter up with WaPo‘s Pulitzer prize winning “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten, Washington’s unofficial Intern Police. He provides wisdom and guidance on all intern matters, except when they, of course, pertain to abuses as his own newspaper. Those are fine. (Some may recall last summer when we were squabbling with Gene over one thing or another. We wrote about a WaPo intern who tried to explain to colleagues who the head honchos at WaPo were in an internal statement. Gene was up in arms! How could we stoop so low? He later affectionately called us “noxious little dirtballs.” But low and behold, WaPo was, at the time, soliciting readers to submit their “questionable”  intern experiences on its Facebook page: “Tell us about the questionable interns you’ve encountered and we’ll meme-ify your experience.” And suddenly Gene fell silent. (Smart thinking. You can’t trash your own paper, right?)