AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

We conclude the week with this love note from a reader that came in this morning. Good morning to you too, AnonymASS!

“Betsy, I know it’s tough to be a journalist, but put down the vitriolic pen for a minute and report on important things going on in media like this: [ A story from Jim Romenesko on Gannet.] Also, that asswipe Ogburn is making you look bad.”

Dear Ass, thanks so much for writing in. It always touches our hearts to get letters and constructive criticism like this. Ogburn may be an asswipe, but he’s our asswipe, Ass, so you can kiss our asses on that one. Eddie seconded me, saying, “Peter, the people love you.” And Peter, through his tears, said, “Asswipe is actually the nicest thing someone has said to me today.”