AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

On Tuesday, we reported on notorious content thief, DCRTV’s dirty bearded Dave Hughes, who didn’t give proper attribution on a story we wrote on Buzzfeed opening a D.C. bureau. It’s impossible to write about Dave without pointing out that he has a piece of dead roadkill residing on his face, but some people have a problem with us talking about it. Like this week’s AnonymASS.

“WOW could you and DCRTV be more petty. How about everyone grows up and acts like adults. And comment on someone’s beard, ghee if he likes then who the fuck are you to call him out about.”

Memo to ASS: As difficult as it is to understand your sloppily written question, we’ll take a crack at it. Here’s the thing, ASS. Hughes is a thief. Plain and simple. Any self-respecting media outlet credits someone for breaking a news story. So the fact that we called him out on NOT doing that hardly makes us petty. As for the beard, how in the world are we not going to mention that thing? It looks like a hunting accident. That beard is what it would look like if someone took a nightmare, threw a bunch of gray hair over it and then hot glue-gunned it to a psycho’s face. Hope you enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.