AnonymASS Tipster of the Day

As we reported yesterday, our TV Tips this week elicited some surprising reaction. Imagine that, we’re a media site offering TV tips and analysis — who would have dreamed that up? But fair is fair and we like to give you a glimpse of what happens inside the Fishbowl, even when it’s someone who thinks we’re wretched.

We’ve blanked out the name and gender to protect the innocent. As we informed yesterday, I looked into the reporter’s health concerns the writer speaks of and can assure you they don’t come anywhere near Down Syndrome. We’ve never written about Down Syndrome in a joking or lighthearted way, nor would we.

ASS writes,

“Enough is enough!!!  In case you don’t know BLANK has health problems, and you are fucking making fun of BLANK. You are a sick frecking witch!!! I wish with all my heart that if you ever have a child he is born with down syndrome to see how it feels to have a child with problems and have a sick woman like you making fun of him. I hope God punishes you for that action!!! YOU ARE A VERY SICK PERSON!!!”

Memo to ASS: I may be a sick, frecking witch (whatever that is), but you just wished Down Syndrome on my future children. We’ve included you in our morning FishbowlDC prayer circle, as we think God might be frowning on you as we speak. Namaste.