AnonymASS Tipster Makes Odd Accusation


We received the following doozy of an anonymous tip this morning. My co-editor Matt Dornic was among the guests at the Blue Duck Tavern dinner last night with Washington Life‘s Michael Clements and the gaggle of journalists.

But he wasn’t involved in Clements’s Foursquare creation of “Tammy Haddad’s Hair Streak.” When I brought up Foursquare, Dornic didn’t even know what it was…he thought it had something to do with Second Life (which, for those who don’t know, is a 3D virtual online world). So no, Tipster, he didn’t ask for anything to be removed, and he’s never Foursquared. He was, however, mentioned in tweets of those who attended the dinner. “Tammy Haddad has always been good to me,” he said.

The Tipster:

Your co-editor Matt Dornic was also involved in the offensive Tammy Haddad gray hair streak Foursquare tweets. He must have asked them to delete the tweets bc he was initially mentioned by Nikki Schwab and Emily Miller and now he’s not there.