AnonymASS Tipster is Dick Morris Defender

Overnight a reader was apparently extremely upset by our insinuation that GOP pollster Dick Morris is detached with reality as we mentioned on the site Monday. Early this morning he or she wrote in a number of stern emails defending the heroic Morris.

Email #1: “Morris detached from reality? You guys are Obama fanatics. Whose detached? Rome is on fire while Obama fiddles, and gets money for his re-election. Do you honestly believe that money is just from Americans? Talk about detachment from reality.”

Email #2: “Morris? What is your web site but a joke. Where did you idiots learn  to write? Talk about a detachment from reality. You guys probably still think it’s the video that is wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East!”

Email #3: “Leave Morris alone. He doesn’t have the main stream media helping him like ooh-my-gosh Obama fanatics!”

Email #4: “Leave Morris alone, Obama is detached from reality and so are you!”

Dear ASS, if you want to be a Dick Morris lover, have at it. We’re not even going to insult you for your moronic thoughts. By all means, please write in again and call us idiots — we love that. We’ve enjoyed your strength on this matter and have arranged for you to have a brief stay at the beautiful Passages Malibu.