AnonymASS Tipster: ‘Get Some Lives People’

An AnonymASS Tipster takes issue with the name calling that sometimes happens in the Fishbowl:

It pains me to even write this, since it only contributes to the insanity, but name calling among journalists and politicos is perhaps the most laughable, sophomoric and childish waste of time imagined, with “Twitter feuds” taking the top prize. It is no wonder that the American public has lost faith in the media. They spend too much time naval gazing and engaging in grade school playground insults. What’s next: Will Olbermann or Ezra say Betsy has cooties? Get some lives people. Stop wasting time. Set a better example. Do some real reporting. Go write about the news. Because right now, with your asinine back and forth name calling, the only thing you are doing is making yourself look really really stupid.

Note to AnonymASS Tipster: You have a right to your viewpoint, however unrealistic it is. I can assure you that I do not have “cooties.”