Anomaly Warzone Earth Comes to iOS

Polish games developer 11 bit studios adds the tower defense genre on iOS with Anomaly Warzone Earth, a port of the original PC/Mac game published by EA Chillingo. The game won the 2011 Apple Design Award.

Rather than build dozens of towers to ward off an army, Anomaly Warzone Earth players must do the attacking. They must navigate a small squad of units through a fortress of alien defenses, completing various objectives along the way. In order to successfully navigate each level, players tap an icon in the upper right corner to toggle between a tactical planning mode and an active play mode to plan an execute strategies.

The goal of the game is to stop an alien invasion within the heart of a futuristic Baghdad. Using whatever in-game funds available to them at the time, players must put together a squad of human vehicles to complete missions that range from technology collection and enemy destruction to friendly unit escorts.

Within the tactical mode, players can view the location of all enemies and enemy types (each of which can be countered by the player) and tap arrows placed at road intersections to plot out the best course. The course can be changed at any given time. When in the active play mode, player units will automatically attack any unfriendly towers within range, earning currency and power-ups upon their destruction. These power-ups — consisting of repairs, smoke screens, decoys, and air strikes — are then activated by tapping on them and then a location on the level that will affect the designated area.

As the player destroys enemy towers or collects alien artifacts scattered around the level, they earn currency. This can be spent on up to six squad vehicles that provide abilities such as shields, passive power-up production, heavy armor, heavy attack, or the ability to attack multiple targets. This squad is built at the onset of each mission but can be added to while a level is in progress. Additionally, each squad vehicle can be upgraded for better offense and defense during the mission itself.

Players can also participate in achievements and leaderboards through the Crystal social gaming network. They can also unlock new game modes such as “Squad Assault” and “Commander Trials” by completing story mode missions. The latter can also be unlocked by sending a gift to a friend through the Crystal network. Beyond this, players earn bronze, silver, or gold medals based on how many enemies they kill or how quickly they finish a level.

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